Five New Challenges Facing Connected Device Manufacturers

For some aspects of connected device security, we simply require new approaches to existing processes. But as is often the case with emerging technologies, there are also new challenges that we haven’t had to tackle before. Whether you’re a manufacturer of medical devices (IoMT), Industrial Control Systems (ICS), Operational Technology (OT), or consumer Internet of Things (IoT) devices, you’ve likely started to invest more in product security. It’s important to know what hurdles you must overcome in order to instill confidence in your product and stay one step ahead of malicious actors who may be targeting connected devices.

Below are five new products security challenges that device manufacturers are facing today:

  • Misconfigurations are the most common security issue
  • You have less control once the product is shipped
  • Your supply chain is more complex, opaque, and vulnerable
  • Vulnerabilities and threats can enter late in the development process
  • You don’t have the right tools.


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