Cisco Ransomware Defense: Keep Ransomware at Bay

Files and information are the lifeblood of an organization. Keeping this information—and your organization’s productivity—intact and secure is non-negotiable. But incomes ransomware—malicious software, or malware—that locks up the information on an organization’s computers like documents, financial records, customer data. It will not release these files until the user pays a fee, or ransom, to unlock these files and get them back. Without the appropriate defenses, ransomware can inflict enough damage to reduce an organization to operate with pen and paper.

Ransomware is commonly delivered through exploit kits, malvertising (infected ads on a website that can deliver malware), phishing (fraudulent emails masquerading as trustworthy), or spam campaigns. The actual infection can begin when someone clicks on a link or an attachment in a phishing email.


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