Accelerating Software Development with Secure Open Source Software

“The world of software development has drastically shifted in the past several years, as the demand for software that better solves your customers’ needs increases. With every company becoming a software company, and competition in markets becoming fiercer than ever, companies are required to move quickly or get left behind. Thus, engineering groups had to figure out a way to spend most of their time focused on the features that differentiate themselves in the market, and less on the features that are table stakes.
Take user login systems, for example, every single SaaS-based product has a user account management and login
screen, and I’ve never heard of a customer buying from a vendor because their login screen was better than the
competition. This example of tables takes the feature is something that you don’t want your company spending a lot
of time developing. However, user authentication is absolutely critical to the security of your customer’s data, so
developers can just do it quickly and move on to other things. That’s where Open Source libraries come in to play,
giving developers the way to implement table stakes features that actually work”.


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