FlashSystem: The Centerpiece of the IBM One-platform Approach

The rise of the digital economy is fueling great interest in pursuing digital transformation, but for many organizations, the race to integrate new technologies has proven to be complicated. According to ESG research, businesses that seek to transform themselves digitally want to become more efficient (reported by 56% of respondents), deliver a better customer experience (40%), and/or develop new data-centric products and services (36%). Excited by the promise of such improvements, 98% of surveyed IT organizations say they are in some phase of digital transformation.

1. These initiatives are placing extreme burdens on IT and adding costs and complexity that hinder ongoing operations. The complexity stems from increases in application- and data-related demands, along with associated increases in application diversity. In particular, storage-related increases (in terms of product scale and diversity) are making IT architecture design and management complex. Another complexity driver comes from the rise in disaggregated, multi-location, multi-cloud environments. ESG research has found that 78% of the IT decision-makers it surveyed report their organization’s leverage infrastructure-as-a-service, with multi-cloud environments being commonplace.


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