Lumada Manufacturing Insights From Hitachi

Manufacturers face challenges such as defective products, on-time delivery slippage, excessive scrap and rework, unacceptable equipment downtime, and supply chain disruption. As the number of assets and production facilities increases, it becomes more difficult to diagnose and react to these challenges in a timely and scalable manner. Such difficulties can have cascading effects on production schedules and translate to higher production costs, lost profits, missed order fulfillment, and reputational damage. Information silos and manual data collection add complexity to making near-real-time operational decisions. Consider a manufacturing enterprise that needs to operate at maximum production capacity to meet aggressive quarterly targets. It is imperative that its machines operate reliably and that parts and materials are available at every production step, to ensure that products being made meet quality standards. Lumada Manufacturing Insights from Hitachi leverages AI and machine learning (ML) techniques to provide answers to these challenges, by connecting data from man, machines, method and materials for situational awareness.


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