IBM Storage Utility – Solution Brief

Data creation continues at an explosive rate and does not appear to be slowing down. Meanwhile, customers look to their IT partners to solve this problem, asking: “How can I buy my storage capacity so that it lines up with my business needs?” “How can I meet my yearly IT budget cuts?” “How do I get this capacity growth under control?” IBM Storage Utility answers these key questions and defines a new way to procure your storage capacity so that it lines up with your business initiatives and takes the guesswork out of capacity planning. With IBM Storage Utility, you can buy capacity your way. Although progress has been made with flash and cloud technologies, businesses continue to struggle with storage procurement. IBM now offers another choice, one designed to align capacity needs to business initiatives. With the IBM Storage Utility offering: · You pay only for what you use. · There is no need to overbuy. · If your data needs shrink during any month, your monthly capacity bill will follow your capacity usage with a minimum that reflects your current “base” needs. · Additional capacities are instantly available simply by provisioning what you need. · There is no need for a vendor to enter or disrupt your data center to add buffer capacity. · You can eliminate the cumbersome procurement cycle when adding new capacity within the contract period.


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