Conquer The HITRUST Mountain

Build a strong, talented, and motivated team to achieve HITRUST CSF Certification If you’re in the healthcare business, you’re in the HITRUST business – whether you know it or not. With many payers and providers requiring their vendors to be HITRUST certified, many healthcare vendors are finding that HITRUST is an essential business priority. But certification is hard.

Requiring around 200-400 hours or more from company employees, the path to HITRUST can be daunting and difficult to navigate for newcomers. To help you better understand what you’re up against and how you can be successful in achieving HITRUST certification, Cloudticity and BEYOND LLC offer this ebook.

Read this ebook to learn: The benefits of HITRUST certification from the security department to the business department What challenges you can expect during the HITRUST process and how to navigate How to build and motivate the right team to lead your organization to HITRUST success.


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