Standardize to Improve IT Efficiency

IT efficiency requires standardization IT teams must deliver more services at a faster pace than ever before to meet expectations and support digital business. Even so, most organizations use IT infrastructure that encompasses many operating system vendors and versions, server hardware configurations, and management tools. These complex environments require large, highly skilled IT teams to handle the associated interoperability issues, complicated administration, and convoluted processes.

The result is often delayed provisioning, increased downtime, and greater security and compliance risks. Standardizing your IT environment can help you increase flexibility and efficiency. A standardized operating environment (SOE) greatly simplifies your IT infrastructure to overcome many of the challenges of varied, disparate environments. Streamlined management and operations lead to lower operating expenses (OpEx), increased uptime, faster provisioning, and deployment, and improved IT and user productivity. And complete visibility into your SOE increases asset control, security, and compliance.


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