Laying the Foundation for Hybrid Cloud

VMware helps thousands of customers modernize their IT environments and adopt the latest cloud technologies. This whitepaper explores the experiences and results of two VMware customers who charted uniquely varied paths to modernize their data centers and prepare for a hybrid cloud with a hyper-converged solution. In the U.S., an enterprise transportation and logistics company focused on improving application agility and moving off OpenStack to outpace competitors. They reduced infrastructure stand-up time from 6 months to 3 weeks using full-stack hyper-converged infrastructure – and virtual machine provisioning time from 6 weeks to 2 minutes. In China, a mid-sized natural gas and utility company focused on the IT scale in the face of planned growth. The increased resource utilization by 80%, reduced operational and maintenance costs and improved IT response times through self-service. Download the white paper to learn what challenges they faced, how they approached modernization, and what results they achieved with a foundation for the hybrid cloud from VMware.


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