IDC Paper: Five Key Technologies for Enabling a Cyber Resilience Framework

IDC’s recent security surveys show that 50% of security professionals now spend most of their time securing the cloud and that over the prior 12–18 months, many experienced what they described as a cloud-related breach. Some 23% of respondents indicated that they had fallen victim to a ransomware attack, 22% said they had experienced an IoT breach, and 23% reported that they had experienced a DDoS attack. About 75% of those attacks occurred because of some cloud-related incident. This isn’t to say that cloud-related technologies and new ways of communicating are the root cause of breaches and business failures; rather, it’s to say that as businesses adopt new technologies, their protection strategies must change to keep pace. These strategies must include stronger and more varied security mechanisms, but they must also include ways to recover quickly should a breach or an incident occur.


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