Better Together Integrate GoTo With Microsoft Teams To Supercharge Your Online Collaboration And Communication

BETTER TOGETHER: TAKE REMOTE COLLABORATION TO THE NEXT LEVEL When you integrate GoTo with Microsoft Teams, you create the ultimate online communication tool for your business. Mutually developed by Microsoft and GoTo, the integration unites capabilities and tools that complement each other. GoTo’s cloud-telephony, high-quality audio and video conferencing empowers simple collaboration with anyone, from anywhere. When combined with the trusted email, chat, and messaging services of Microsoft Teams, a best-in-class platform emerges for secure, reliable, and engaging communication and collaboration.

Microsoft Teams’ user-friendly instant messaging, chat, conferencing, and file sharing is perfect for team meetings and communications within your organization. For conversations that extend outside your company – whether it is with key prospects, customers, partners, suppliers, or investors – GoTo’s professional collaboration tools have been built with these exact use cases in mind.

GoTo’s tools are easy to use from any device or time zone. Hold secure remote meetings, video conferences, webinars, and phone calls that are essential for building relationships and growing your business.


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