Smart Manufacturing AI Technologies, Intelligent Insights

Smart plants are created by weaving powerful technologies into Industry 4.0 operations—think automation, AI, the IoT, edge computing, cloud, 5G, additive manufacturing, and digital twins. These technologies help manufacturers gain insights from structured and unstructured data, as well as share it across the ecosystem. The human-machine partnership can propel factories to new heights of productivity. AI can help drive automated, value-based workflows that free up humans to pursue higher-level tasks, for example, honing their digital expertise. Intelligent automation can help with that reskilling and also identify ways to redeploy human resources. In fact, employees will have opportunities to explore entirely new professions. The smart factory connects to enlightening data on its factory floor and beyond. Integrating external contextual logistics with shop floor data steers directional shifts in real time. The results can be potent: improved quality, operational efficiency, preventative maintenance, proactive decisions, and enhanced workforce productivity.


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