Harmonizing Development In Engineering And The Enterprise

No engineer is an island. They work with a variety of stakeholders, including other engineers, tooling designers, machinists, procurement agents, quality inspectors, service planners, and more. Each of these partners provides valuable insight into how modern products meet the complex and often-conflicting requirements of a project. However, for such collaborative efforts to work, those stakeholders need to work from a common set of up-to-date information. This baseline acts as an unambiguous digital definition of the product. It might include a 3D model, a change order, toolpaths, an inspection plan, and more. When stakeholders collaborate using unsynchronized information, bad things happen. Errors find their way into the process, and people make bad decisions. These can undermine any product-development process. Given this context, companies face an important question. How do they provide all stakeholders access to those digital definitions in an easy and unambiguous way, ensuring everyone is on the same page?


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