How One Regional Credit Union Streamlined and Improved Its New Member Acquisition Strategy

“A top regional Credit Union with more than 450,000 members has long been viewed as an innovator of inconvenient, digital financial services and continually ranks highly in member satisfaction. However, with the rapidly changing economic conditions brought on by COVID, they found it challenging to grow their credit card portfolio, specifically when it came to attracting new members. The problem? Inefficient processes made it difficult to accurately measure the financial health of prospective members and deliver offers to those individuals efficiently. Read a case study on how this credit union overcame the barriers to develop and deliver more efficient personalized marketing offers. The credit union was using a data-driven approach but experienced delays incorporating origination risk criteria. These delays were compounded by the need to coordinate efforts with multiple vendors, each of which presented a risk delay and impacted their ability to effectively personalize their outreach. Learn how they overcame these challenges by reading this case study today”.


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