The Digital Factory

“Modern manufacturers face many challenges. How is it possible to increase agility, reduce time to market when integrating new services, improve resiliency during times of great volatility, and act on data-driven decisions? In answer to these questions, moving to the cloud is no longer an option, it’s an imperative.

Manufacturing lags behind other industries in completing, or even starting, a digital transformation, which usually requires cloud computing. Investigating cloud computing will entail questions such as the following:

  • Is my information secure enough?
  • Where is my data stored, and will that location satisfy all the regulations I have to meet?
  • Can my data be stored in-region to comply with regulations?
  • Does the Cloud process real-time machine-generated data?
  • Will I lose control of my on-premises services and datacenter?
  • What about multi-cloud? Is the cloud mature enough to support all my edge cases?
  • How fast can I move my on-premises systems to the cloud?
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