7 Ways APIs, Microservices and DevOps Can Transform Your Business

Organizations are increasingly looking for ways to better compete in the market by releasing products and/or services more quickly. This has left us with a variety of technology buzzwords, from APIs and microservices to DevOps, all promising great gain. It’s worth asking: which are worth the cost and time to implement? And what are the advantages of APIs, microservices, and DevOps?

Read this e-book to learn about the advantages of APIs, microservices, and DevOps, all of which can help organizations increase their capacity for change. Topics covered include:

• The API economy and how it is igniting a cultural shift in businesses
• How APIs and microservices are not only becoming the norm in enterprises but are also changing the role of IT
• Why DevOps and APIs deliver greater advantages and business value together than they deliver individually

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