Driving Data to DoD Software Factories with Mission Ready Kafka

“Threats from our adversaries are constantly evolving; the US Department of Defense (DoD) must also evolve at the speed of relevance. As an example, the US Air Force has embraced DevSecOps, Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD), and Continuous Authority to Operate (CATO) as part of an effort to boost agility and responsiveness to changing requirements and speed of operations. This initiative has become a priority across the Platform ONE-affiliated software factories and increasingly across the entire DoD. In the move towards agile DevSecOps, older waterfall development methodologies must be overhauled and improved. The DoD recognizes the advantage of being able to fail fast and rapidly iterate on new mission capabilities in order to best support the warfighter. This requires near-immediate access to data services for rapid app development and the ability to stream data to apps in real-time so that users can respond as events occur. Meeting this demand means having the ability to easily create, use and repackage data services across all data producers and consumers. The resulting modular approach to data improves accountability, program effectiveness, and ultimately mission success.”


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