Bringing Clarity to Healthcare with Marketing Automation

A whopping two-thirds of people under age 55 say the healthcare system in the United States is too difficult of a process, and older patients are often left feeling like they don’t have a voice in their care. In an industry that’s focused on human care and wellbeing, it is less than ideal to have your customer experience start out with the customer feeling confused, frustrated, and alone. And that’s putting it lightly. But that’s finally starting to change. With the rise of digital accessibility (and customer expectations) across every industry, medical providers, networks, and clinics are finally starting to catch on to the broader needs of their patients, and healthcare marketers are understanding the critical need for more timely, personal, and empathetic communications. In this eBook discover how three healthcare providers are using Marketo Engage to improve their communication strategy and transform the customer experience in healthcare.


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