Cabot Report: IBM Cloud Pak for Data System, The Leading Hyper-Converged Platform for Data and AI

Building an AI project from scratch is no easy task. That’s why IBM launched IBM Cloud Pak® for Data System, a preconfigured “cloud in a box” that combines storage, compute, software and networking. This hyper-converged platform helps companies modernize their data and quickly get AI initiatives up and running. Analysts at Cabot Partners have compared IBM Cloud Pak for Data System’s features and benefits against those of top competitors: AWS Outposts, Google Anthos, Microsoft Azure Stack/Hybrid Cloud and Oracle Cloud at Customer. The in-depth report: · Reveals how well each product can help your company scale the “AI Ladder” · Uncovers IBM Cloud Pak for Data System’s unique value props · Visualizes findings at a glance with striking spider charts · Recommends how your company can use IBM Cloud Pak for Data System to support innovation and business continuity Download the report to see how you can transform your business with the leading hyper-converged platform for data and AI.


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