Maximize B2C Lead Conversion Rates

Effective Prospect Management Across Channels

Consumers expect cross-channel experiences, yet most Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are way behind where they need to be. Omni-channel prospect management is a great place to start and provides a foundation for the broader omnichannel customer engagement capabilities that CSPs need. Ovum’s global ICT Enterprise Insights study revealed that while omnichannel customer engagement is on the minds of 89% of CSP C-suite leadership teams, only 8% of respondents claimed to have reached completion. Some 65% claim it is still a work in progress.

Clearly there is a massive gap between intent and execution. Ovum’s “Maximize B2C Lead Conversion Rates: Effective Prospect Management Across Channels” report covers key insights into what CSPs need to do to win by maximizing grown and reducing churn by:

• Centralizing around the customer
• Putting a cross-functional team in place
• Unifying customer data
• Designing from the customer experience back
• Investing in a SaaS-based customer engagement platform
• Using machine learning for dynamic orchestration

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