A New Era for Alkylation: Ionic Liquid Alkylation – Isoalky™ Process Technology

This report from Honeywell, presented by Enterprise Guide, provides clear insight for the future refineries to have better investment decisions by developing the six efficiencies (UOP E6) framework. Technological advances have brought about the next generation of alkylation technology, the ISOALKY Process, that enables still more efficient production of alkylate with higher yields, wider range of feedstock options, and reduced emissions, while utilizing a catalyst that is easier to handle In order to provide clear insight to inform better decisions for the refineries of the future, UOP has developed the six efficiencies (UOP E6) framework. This methodology determines the carbon, hydrogen, utilities, emissions, water and capital efficiencies to enable better investment decisions.1 The ISOALKY Process is inherently more efficient than previous generations of alkylation technology, and those efficiencies are highlighted throughout this paper.


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