The State of Work: A Report

No matter what industry you compete in, application security is no longer an option. With code vulnerabilities and cyberthreats — and the potential for devastating results — on the rise, a more comprehensive application security framework is essential. Unfortunately, security managers often aren’t aware of the specific factors that get key projects funded and fast-tracked. And when they’re looking to sell the concept to the enterprise, they fail to communicate just how much AppSec helps an organization protect its data, trim its costs, and, in a best-case scenario, achieve a competitive advantage. So how can you demonstrate the value of adopting or expanding your organization’s AppSec program when there’s a growing need for all types of cybersecurity, as well as intense competition for your critical tech budget? Simply put, you must convince decision-makers that your program — and their money — will lead to better business outcomes, a high level of efficiency, lower costs, and improved return on investment (ROI).


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