The Future of Service and Operations Management: A Buyer’s Guide

Enterprise service excellence is the new normal. But what does it take? In a hyper-accelerated, hyper-scale digital economy, innovation, velocity and agility are table stakes. Being able to pivot quickly enough deliver the services and experiences users expect is a given. The focus is no longer on transformation: today it’s about staying competitive in world that’s already gone digital. Frustration with now-routine experiences such as self-service, change management and issue resolution can make it difficult to attract and retain top talent, and can drive customers away. With enterprise-wide service excellence a prerequisite for engaging experiences, choosing the right management tools and solutions has never been more important. What’s required is end-to-end convergence of service management (ITSM, which governs what services are delivered) and IT operations management (ITOM, which governs how the organization delivers those services).


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