How Focusing On Skills Grows Revenue And Improves Productivity

Remote working, lockdowns, gaps in core services: no matter what kind of situation you’re faced with, your primary goal must always be to serve the communities that depend on you. It goes without saying that crises like these can lead to major disruptions for public sector agencies and their employees. But this doesn’t mean that work gets put “on hold” until everything goes back to normal.

Oddly enough, times of great disruption often create myriad opportunities for employees to learn and develop new skills for keeping up productivity, regardless of the head winds they may encounter. This is especially true for those now required to work from home; they must have access to the right tools to not only stay connected with their colleagues but also still be able to grow and develop in their careers. In other words, personal and professional development doesn’t suddenly stop or get put on the backburner because life has been turned upside down.


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