Employee Engagement Enables a High-Performing Workforce

US manufacturers can’t ignore the importance of employee engagement for driving productivity and profitability. In fact, studies show that employee disengagement is costing US organizations about half a trillion dollars per year. Faced with growing global competition and economic pressures, manufacturers must look for new ways to achieve differentiation and protect profit margins. Research shows that a relationship exists between employee engagement—the degree to which workers demonstrate commitment, belief in organization values, pride in their employment, and motivation to excel—and business results. And workforce management technology can help manufacturing organizations increase employee engagement. By providing employee self-service applications and automating processes, manufacturers can empower employees to take a more active role in HR and scheduling activities, take advantage of training and professional development opportunities, and get the continuous feedback on performance required to motivate and encourage innovation. When organizations prioritize employee engagement, it helps them retain successful employees, and helps boost the organization’s overall level of performance. Engaged employees have productivity rates that are 21% higher than those of non-engaged workers. Organizations also enjoy a 65% lower turnover rate, a 48% higher safety record, 37% lower absenteeism, and 22% greater profitability. If you’re looking to control costs and increase productivity, increasing employee engagement through the effective use of workforce management technology may be the answer.


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