Cloud Tiering and Object Storage for Backup — Balancing Cost and Speed

Cloud tiers are a good place for your backup and archives. Combined with object storage, cloud tiering is becoming more popular with backup administrators dealing with the growing amount of data that may never be changed or accessed again. But the advantages don’t come from simply moving all of your backup tasks to the cloud. Without architecture changes, you could send unprotected data to the cloud or wait for days to restore it.

Are you evaluating cloud tiering and object storage for backup?

Are you wondering why your efforts at cloud tiering aren’t saving you very much money?

Read this paper today to learn what goes into successful cloud tiering. Study the storage tiers (local, remote, hot/cold, archive/deep archive), their relative pricing, and the amount of time you’ll have to wait to access your data from them.

See how to lock down objects before pushing them to cloud storage. Find out why source-side deduplication and transparent operation in your backup application are essential to saving money and shortening your Time to First Byte when you restore.


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