Big Changes Bring Big Opportunities Getting It Right In Manufacturing With Fujitsu And SAP S/4HANA

Nothing is certain in today’s world. And that goes double for the world of manufacturing. Economic uncertainty has had a huge impact on business. Growth has slowed. And 2020 only brings more short-term volatility in costs and policy decisions. The COVID-19 pandemic means some manufacturers have changed what they’re producing to support health services.

Others have been forced to cease production entirely. Beyond that, in the long term, there’s the need to adapt to new ways of working – whether that’s integrating the Internet of Things into your processes or automating plants with robotics and dynamic inventory control.

All of which generates vast swathes of data – but how best to use all that information? It’s too easy for businesses to make the wrong choices and create all manner of problems for themselves. So, what are manufacturers doing to survive in this climate? But even more than that, what are they doing to thrive?


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