Magic Keyboard’ will get major upgrades! Check what Apple’s 3rd Patent says.

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iPad users are looking for mainly looking for a Magic Keyboard for extra functionality as well as usability. However, as Apple knows it, the Magic Keyboard is not perfect. This is why Apple has been filing patents for a new version. The latest patent is a biggie with two new useful upgrades. 

On 28 July, Apple filed its 3rd Magic Keyboard accessory patent. It also included an Apple Pencil retainer, a 2nd-Level iPad position mode, and many more. The newest upgrades will roll out alongside the anticipated iPad Pro (2022). Let us have a look at the upcoming iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard upgrades: 

Apple Pencil and the Magic Keyboard  

The first upgrade is the Apple Pencil. Previously, users had to store the Pencil on top of the tablet, balancing it on a magnetic strip on the tablet’s frame. However, currently, they don’t have to do it anymore. 

If you look closer, the new Magic Keyboard patent shows a hinge between the keyboard and the raised part connecting to the iPad. This hollow space allows for an Apple Pencil to slot inside. As a result, you can actually hide the pencil away and ensure its position in a safe spot.  

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Source: Patently Apple

The upgrade won’t impact the iPad’s stylus. Instead, it will offer a new Apple Pencil retainer that will be handy. Especially, for those on the go along with a new second-level mode that could position the iPad at a higher level from the keyboard and more.

Versatile Suspension Angles

The next upgrade is about the suspension angles of the tablet. The present Magic Keyboards allow users to move the tablet between various angles. However, the angles are limited. You can’t move the tablet too high above or on a level with the tablet if you want to see the screen.

The new Magic Keyboard upgrade will allow it to accommodate a much wider viewing range. According to Apple’s patent, the new iPad can face much higher costs than it can with the current Magic Keyboard.

Are there any other upgrades?

In addition to the major anticipated Magic Keyboard upgrades anticipated in the market, the keyboard is seen as a stand to move the iPad even higher. This new feature is called the ‘Clipboard Mode’. Doing it this way suggests that you cannot actually access the keyboard itself.

However, Apple has not truly cracked the iPad keyboard accessory yet. Besides the Pencil storage part, the keyboard has limited suspension angles. It also has an overly sensitive trackpad that is easy to hit with your wrist whilst typing. Moreover, pressing the keys doesn’t quite reflect a satisfactory feeling either.

Nevertheless, the predecessor of the accessory, Keyboard Folio is not perfect either. It is more fragile and can damage easily. It also supports two different angles, although they’re further apart than the Magic Keyboard’s two extremes

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