Whatsapp Channels – The Latest in a Line of New, Cool Features for the Messaging App

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The new update of WhatsApp keeps getting better as the devs gain momentum toward beta launches.

According to a recent report from WABetaInfo, there’s a new in-development feature called WhatsApp Channels. With it, you can get the latest news and updates from the people or accounts you choose to follow. 

Information Broadcasting With the New WhatsApp Channels Feature

The primary benefit of the new Channels feature is information broadcasting. That’s basically news, content, or any updates.

An important thing to note about it is that you’ll only get updates from accounts you follow. There won’t be any algorithmic recommendations based on the channels that you already follow.

You also won’t be auto-subscribed to any accounts you don’t voluntarily choose. These security and privacy measures are one of many new changes that META wants to focus on.

However, unlike private messages, these channels will not be end-to-end encrypted.

You can follow different channels by entering their usernames.

Making this new feature kind of like a pseudo-social media platform. But not exactly a full-fledged alternative for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or other apps.

Ending Note

WhatsApp has been announcing new and exciting features left, right, and center.

The new WhatsApp Channels feature seems a bit like Telegram’s channels with a different UI, but kind of a similar concept.

However, this new addition can have huge potential in terms of marketing and user-friendliness.

Since the user gets a lot of control over who they follow, there isn’t much chance for traditional digital marketing tactics to capture a new audience.

But on the other hand, you can now use WhatsApp as a great customer retention tool and work toward providing valuable updates. All you need to do is get your target audience to follow your channel organically.

Which companies or news portals do you think will implement this new feature into their mix? Which ones would you personally like to follow? Let us know!

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