Kivisense AR Try-On Shines at Vivatech Martech Innovations Conference
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Kivisense AR Try-On Shines at Vivatech Martech Innovations Conference

AI-powered augmented reality solutions by Europe-based MarTech company, Kivisense are carrying the day in this year’s VivaTech MarTech Innovations Conference. VivaTech is a premier conference that provides tech companies a chance to showcase their innovations.

According to EinNews, Kivisense impressed conference attendees with its detailed digital marketing services and AR try-on technology. Through the AI-AR solution, Kivisense MarTech innovations are giving businesses a sneak peek into the future of brand engagement.

Kivisense leverages AI & AR Martech innovations Vivatech to create innovative solutions like WebAR for digital marketing and e-commerce. The solutions are powered by proprietary AI-core and cover different aspects of retail selling including e-commerce optimization, content creation, data analysis, and social media integration.

Virtual Try-Ons

Kivisense captivated VivaTech 2024 MarTech Innovations conference attendees with its AR try-on solutions and 3D rendering technology. With this technology, the company addresses a major pain point that buyers experience during online shopping – visualizing styles accurately.

Kivisense’s AR increases user engagement and boosts purchase intent by enabling buyers to try the items they wish to buy virtually. During the conference participants who visited Kivisense booth had real experience with head-to-toe AR across different product categories. These include jewelry, sports, and footwear.

AI in Digital Marketing

Another solution that Kivisense showcased during the Vivatech 2024 Martech Innovations conference is its detailed digital marketing capabilities. Conference attendees had a chance to view the integrated digital marketing campaigns approach used by Kivisense on Apple Vision Pro.

Kivisense utilizes AI algorithms and big data analytics to provide a comprehensive marketing solution to brands. The solution features every aspect of a marketing campaign, including creativity, production, dissemination, and monetization.

Our goal is to empower brands to navigate the digital landscape and connect with every target user. We believe the true personalized marketing starts with a deep understanding of each consumer, and innovation for lives, not just for a living,” Steven Zhang, Kivisense Founder said.


During the VivaTech MarTech Innovations Conference, Kivisense committed to environmental sustainability. Through the use of MarTech innovations like AR try-on solutions, the company reduces the need for printed samples and storage logistics. This significantly reduces the carbon footprint in e-commerce. Its digital marketing innovation also optimizes resources for brands.

VivaTech 2024 gave Kivisense a chance to share its vision for retail marketing and demonstrate leadership in AI-backed MarTech. As technology evolves, the company stands a high chance of partnering with global brands. Such partnerships will pave the way for widespread adoption of greener and smarter marketing solutions.

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