TulsaLabs to Develop AI for Personalized Health Analytics

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AppSwarm, a software development company, has recently announced that they have been retained by GTX Corp, a pioneer in health wearable technology, to develop ‘health analytics.’ Health analytics will assist in potentially extending the human life span with the help of artificial intelligence. 

Chris Bailey, the CEO of AppSwarm, stated that “We are very excited at the idea of utilizing artificial intelligence and wearable data to help people live better and even possibly longer lives. Through predictive analytics, users will be able to find the best course of action for health on an individual basis.”  

Developing personalized health data will assist users in avoiding some of the more common causes of metabolic diseases and help increase the quality-of-life for individuals, and society.” 

Clinical data analytics involves the exploration of crucial insights from patient data which is collected from wearables. Different body parts can be employed for wearables such as eye-based, head-based, foot-based, and wrist-based.  

TulsaLabs will leverage the data generated from these devices to develop cloud-based analytics. This will analyze and monitor health data through long-term dataset development powered by artificial intelligence.  

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Then, the AI platform will help look for patterns and trends that can then be offset with lifestyle adjustments. This will help users prevent some of the most common metabolic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. 

Patrick Bertagna, the CEO of GTX Corp, commented, “One thing COVID has brought to the forefront is how important health is to our longevity, so combining A.I. with wearables will greatly enhance our ability to develop and bring to market powerful health and wellness solutions.”  

“We look forward to working with Chris’s team and having them join the longevity revolution with us.” 

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