Carl Data Solutions Announced Collaborative Agreement to Accelerate CRL’s Entry into the Renewable Energy Sector   

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Today, Carl Data Solutions has announced that they have signed a deal to enter into a collaborative agreement with Think Quality Assurance. The aim of this partnership of to accelerate CRL’s entry into the Renewable Energy Sector 

Carl Data works with new machine learning (AI) analytical tools to monitor large amounts of data which is generated by industries and the government.  

Developers of Big-Data-as-a-Service (BDaaS) and Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications save both time and money to create a real-time decision support system by aggregating information 

“Data generated from sensors attached to machines on factory floors worldwide enables a supply chain manager to remotely pinpoint potential problems,” writes Margaret Harris of Oracle 

On the other hand, Think-QA provides Quality Assurance and Quality Control inspection services to electrical utility companies.  

Together they have identified an opportunity to utilize Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, data collection, and monitoring of electrical components. They have identified this opportunity within solar parks to optimize preventive maintenance and improve significant client’s ROI.  

On August 17, 2009, a Russian hydroelectric power station failed which created a flood that killed almost 75 people. Carl Data’s Industrial IoT applications prevent this type of disaster.  

By partnering with Think-QA, Carl Data will get access to the world’s largest renewable energy clients with its network 

“Think-QA has provided us with a distinct set of problems, costing clients millions of dollars,” stated Jean Charles Phaneuf, CEO of Carl Data. “We have a partnership with people who are not trying to boil the ocean, but rather focus on providing a specific solution to a particular problem.”  

“Carl Data offers proven solutions to complex problems, resulting in major cost-saving opportunities for our clients,” confirmed Tim Dufour, CEO of Think-QA. “We believe Carl Data will provide a level of service and support for this vast market opportunity that in our estimation no other AI platform service provider can achieve.”  

“Think-QA is the perfect complement to our market growth strategy in Smart Connected Spaces,” stated Phaneuf, “using preventive and predictive analysis to create value-add solutions.”  

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