Telegram Introduces New Voice Chats 2.0 Features

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Recently, Telegram, a popular messaging app, has introduced Voice Chats 2.0 for all users. The all-new feature will allow its users to host and join audio chats which will be similar to the once done in Clubhouse.   

In December last year, the company provided the ability to audio chats for Groups. Now, the company has included the same ability for unlimited participants. Here’s a look at what it is:   

Voice Chats 2.0 are bringing about several new features for ease of communicating verbally. These chats can also be recorded and the people who have missed them can listen to them later.  

Firstly, there won’t be a limit on how many chats admins can hold. This goes both for channels and public groups. They will be able to host audio-based chats for millions of people.  

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All the recorded voice chats can be recorded and saved in the ‘Saved Messages’ section. They can be shared with others and can be listened to.   

Besides, another new feature is a hand raise similar to Zoom that allows participants to raise hands and ask questions. Admins will also be able to easily see the bios of the attendees which will further help them recognize them easily.  

Furthermore, in Telegram, admins will be able to easily create separate invite links for speakers and listeners. This will avoid any confusion or mix-ups. They will also be able to share them in different groups for better reach.   

In addition to this, Telegram has given it uses the ability to cancel forwarding a message, listening to voice messages, and changing the recipient of a message. The apps android users can now choose the swipe left in the chat list which includes pinning, muting, archiving, deleting, and marking the chats as read.  


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