Sony Unveils New Playstation 5 Consoles with New Games and Accessories

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On Thursday, Sony Corporation revealed the design of its much-awaited PlayStation 5 and PlayStation5 Digital Edition during “The Future of Gaming” digital event. The event was watched by millions across global. It also announced the released trailers of games that will be coming on the console.

Earlier the event was scheduled for 4th June; however, the company decides to delay it in the wake of George Floyd’s death and protests taking place across the U.S.Japanese tech giant unveiled the two different models of the PS5: a regular one with a 4K Blu-Ray drive and a Digital Edition. The digital edition does not include the disk drive.

The PS5 console features a black and white finish, futuristic vertical design. The console has the two sides white while the interiors are all black. On the front, there are two ports as USB-A and a USB-C port with the blue LED light. Both consoles are almost similar when it comes to color and design. It comes with the DualSense controller for PlayStation 5, the company has already announced that back in April.

Unlike the hybrid console of Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 can be placed both horizontally and vertically. Additionally, the Tokyo based firm has unveiled a few accessories with the consoles including a camera, a wireless headset, a media remote, and a charging dock for the controller. All these accessories also have a black and white finish.

The company has yet not revealed the release date for its next-gen console. The details are expected to be revealed by the end of this year. They have also not revealed the pricing, however, a recent leak suggests that it might launch with a pretty steep price.

The games included along with the PlayStation 5 including Spider-Man Miles Morales, GTA5, Resident Evil Village, and more. Their new games announced by PlayStation on Twitter.

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