SmartBug Media Launches the Intelligent Inbound Podcast

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SmartBug Media, an Intelligent Inbound marketing agency, launched its all-new Intelligent Inbound Podcast hosted by Jen Spencer, SmartBug’s Chief Revenue Officer.  

The podcast will feature inspiring stories from the most innovative and successful marketers to challenge the status quo for inbound marketing.  

Inbound marketing strategies are not just for marketers as it has become a must game-changing approach to building customer-centric organizations. However, this intelligent approach also creates challenges as it is has become more complicated and competitive than ever before.   

SmartBug’s Intelligent Inbound Podcast features industry experts to help cut through the noise. These experts have creative, bleeding-edge ideas that they’ve never done before. The success and failure of these ideas are something to be learned, as they share their experiences in the podcast.  

This is not a same-old-same-old marketing tactics podcast,” Spencer said. “My goal with each episode is to explore the breakthrough ideas, innovations, and strategies that drive big results in marketing, sales, and revenue operations with guests who believe in pushing boundaries to achieve growth goals.”   

He added, “If you are a revenue leader looking to break out from the pack, the Intelligent Inbound Podcast is one I hope will make it on your shortlist.”  

A new episode will release every Tuesday and the first few episodes of Season 1 are streaming on SmartBug’s dedicated Podcast Page, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify. If you want to view the video feed of the interviews it will be available on SmartBug’s YouTube channel.

Initial guests include:  

  • Nadya Khoja, head of the content strategy, Boast.AI  
  • Julie Knight Ludvigson, CMO, Unit4  
  • Dan Slagen, CMO,  
  • Andrea Kayal, CMO, Electric AI  
  • Gaetano DiNardi, head of growth and demand gen, Nextiva  
  • Christine Bottagaro, co-founder and chief revenue officer, Resurface Labs  
  • Carrie Hopkins, executive director of marketing, Southern Nazarene University 
  • Mike Tatum, demand generation manager, Momentive (formerly SurveyMonkey)  
  • Michelle Safrit, inbound marketing manager, Conitex Sonoco  
  • Alex Wright, head of marketing, Arcade 

Over her career, Spencer, SmartBug’s chief revenue officer, has built many demand generation and sales enablement programs. She has experience working within publicly traded companies, tech startups, and non-profit and mid-market organizations.   

Before starting her journey as CRO, Spencer served as sales and marketing VP, implementing a program that resulted in 70% year-over-year revenue growth. During this time, the company and earned the title of HubSpot’s Global Partner of the Year in 2018.   

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