Shocking New Leaks on iPhone 14 Series Makes Us Think Whether Past Rumors are Inaccurate 

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The upcoming and most anticipated iPhone 14 Pro might come with the latest upgrades that we have not heard of in the past. Judging from the rumors and leaks we have heard in the past few months, there might be more to Apple’s upcoming iPhone 14. 

Mixed Predictions for iPhone 14 

In the past few months, we have heard various rumors surrounding iPhone 14 Pro. The latest leak about Apple’s most anticipated smartphone confirms some key specifications and battery capacity.  

The iPhone 14 Pro is gearing up to be a mega upgrade over the iPhone 13 series in 2022. Several rumors and leaks have already revealed a lot about Apple’s upcoming iPhone series. However, the latest ones reveal that it will come with new camera upgrades, a new display with more tricks, more powerful chips, and maybe a few more things. Ahead of its launch, Apple (almost) previewed some of the features during the iOS 16 revelation. The iOS 16 is also expected to debut after the iPhone 14 is up for sale.  

Let us find out what they are. 

1. Gurman’s take on ‘Always On Display’ 

One of the last specs leaks comes from the latest newsletter by Apple leak master Mark Gurman. According to Gurman’s newsletter, the iPhone 14 Pro series, with its AOD, will show widgets with many functionalities. These are displaying weather, calendar, stocks, and activities including other data while the screen remains at low brightness and frame rate. In addition to that, there will be a setting similar to that of the Apple Watch to keep sensitive data from appearing on the lock screen.   

 It is, therefore, likely that the lock screen elements previewed at the WWDC will be a part of the AOD feature. The widgets previewed on iOS 16 seem to be better designed and more helpful. The fancy typefaces for the lock and widget designs could stay on the screen in a minimalist form.  

Gurman also cited that the standard iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max are going to use the older A15 Bionic chip. Not that the A15 chip is weak but Apple has never left an old chipset to do duty in its latest iPhone. The iPhone 14 series is also said to hold on to the Lightning port for another year before moving to USB-C in 2023.  

Summarizing Gurman’s predictions, we can expect the upcoming iPhone Max with:  

  • AOD with functionalities like weather display, calendar, stocks, and activities with other data 
  • Older A15 Bionic chip 
  • Lightning port 
  • Similar setting as Apple Watch to protect sensitive data from appearing on the lock screen 

2. Lanzuk’s take on ‘iPhone Max Plus’ 

Another specs leak comes from Korean leaker Lanzuk who claims that there will be a new member of the iPhone 14 range. He says it will be an iPhone 14 Plus, not Max, that is on its way. It is similar to the Max (with a 6.7-inch display), however, the name is the main change. If this leak is accurate, this would be the first time Apple has used this suffix for an iPhone since the iPhone 8 Plus 

However, many speculators have stood against this name change rumor. Several iPhone 14 leaks have pointed toward the Max name. If they turn out to be wrong, it means perhaps lots of the information provided in the leaks could also be incorrect. On the other hand, some believe that the upcoming iPhone 14 will not have identical specs to the base model. The prices might be inaccurate too.   

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