SciBite Launches State-of-the-art AI platform for Life Sciences Organizations

Today, SciBite, a semantic technology company, has announced the launch of SciBiteAI. SciBiteAI is a state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence software platform that helps used leverage machine learning models alongside semantic technologies to unlock useful insights.

It offers capabilities beyond the plethora of other AI solutions by combining ML with semantics. This enables customers to unlock insights hidden in the mountain of data. It is designed to meet the needs of the life sciences with three goals:

Enable researchers, scientists, and application developers to use semantics-based deep learning without having to become ML experts.

Replace complex coding with standardized REST APIs.

Combine SciBite’s expertise in semantics and FAIR data to develop ML-based solutions.

SciBiteAI was created using DL language models trained with data leveraging SciBite’s industry-leading semantic technology. Its architecture is designed to remove the need to write complicated code and ensures that it is ready for applications. It is also customized for scientific text which ensures that it is optimized real life sciences.

James Malone, SciBite’s CTO, says “SciBiteAI represents the next generation in our ability to understand and analyze scientific text.” Adding, “Our software now exploits and helps build our life science ontologies, as well as find novel and relevant relationships within data. With SciBiteAI we offer a complete solution from managing core data standards to advanced AI-based discovery.”