Safeguard Global Pay and OneSource Virtual Elevate Partnership to Offer Enhanced Payroll Suite for Workday Users
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Safeguard-OneSource Partnership Avails Payroll Suite to Workday Users

Safeguard Global Pay and OneSource Virtual have announced plans to expand their partnership. PRNews reported that the Safeguard OneSource partnership will enable the companies to deliver an enhanced Payroll Suite for Workday users.

The two companies provide HR and payroll solutions to businesses across the world. This move affirms their commitment to simplifying and improving businesses’ payroll processes.

Workday Tools

OneSource Virtual offers solutions that blend technology with HR services. This enhances efficiency and accuracy for businesses. At least 900 customers use OneSource Virtual Solutions. They use them for payroll tax, administration, and garnishment services.

“Our partnership with Safeguard Global Pay has been marked by a shared commitment to delivering excellence to our clients across the globe. With this expansion, we are excited to take another step in providing Workday users with the tools they need to succeed,” said Brian Levey, Senior Vice President of Global Sales at OneSource Virtual.

OneSource Virtual is an exclusive workday partner. The HR company is eager to simplify payroll and finance for Workday clients.

HR Compliance

Safeguard Global Pay supports businesses of all sizes. It helps them create efficient HR systems that follow global employment standards. It focuses on helping its customers to maneuver global payroll and compliance intricacies.

EVP Alliances at Safeguard Global Pay, Neil Carpenter said, “Workday is at the core of modern HR and payroll operations, and we are excited to deepen our collaboration with OneSource Virtual. By joining forces, we aim to provide Workday users with a seamless and globally compliant payroll solution.”

The Safeguard enhanced payroll suite has let the company become a specialist. It specializes in global HR compliance and payroll.

Natural Progression

The Safeguard and OneSource partnership reflects natural growth for the two companies. It combines Safeguard Global Pay’s payroll and compliance expertise with OneSource Virtual’s proficiency in Workday management. This expertise will enhance the efficiency of payroll functions for Workday users.

Payroll Director at FICO, Valerie Tazelaar said, “You’re working with a team of people that knows your organization. You’re working with one person who can help you with anything that you have going on, no matter what the country is.”

Tazelaar has used the services offered by the two companies for a long time.

The Safeguard OneSource partnership offers businesses future-ready HR technology. This technology evolves with industry trends. It adds new features and abilities and makes them accessible to the users. Also, businesses can scale the Safeguard enhanced payroll suite to adapt to their changing needs.

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