Rolls-Royce announces AI ethics framework to Ensure Decisions taken By AI are Ethical

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Recently, Rolls-Royce has announced an AI ethics framework. This will ensure that all decisions taken with the help of technology are ethical. They have also announced a five-layer checking system that will focus on ensuring the outcomes of AI algorithms.

In the keynote speech at the London Tech Week’s AI Summit, Rolls-Royce Chief Executive Officer Warren East said “There is no practical reason why trust in AI cannot be created now. And it’s only with the acceptance and permission of our society – based on that trust – that the full benefits of AI can be realized, and it can take its place as a partner in our lives and work.”

Furthermore, he said that the company wanted to move the AI ethics conversation by publishing its findings which will “accelerate the process of applying it ethically”.

East said his company was “open to collaborative innovation and we will continue to talk to key stakeholders, customers, counterparts, and technology leaders to share our work in detail to see how we can help each other progress for the greater growth, wealth and health of our world.”

Rolls-Royce is one of the leaders in automotive and industrial technology and has been using advanced analytics for more than 30 years. They first used AI for real-time engine health monitoring in 1999.

East, who has been with Rolls-Royce since 2014, explained “We analyze more than 5 million data parameters from our engines every day. We use AI to provide insights to our engineers. If we spot anything that’s out of the ordinary, we can dispatch a maintenance crew to be ready on the ground when that aircraft lands.”

On Wednesday’s the keynote delivered virtually, East said “Of course, there’s a dark side. But I believe we can do better than dismissing a new technology or tool because of the scary bits.”


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