Porsche Digital Develops New AI-powered Digital Assistant for Noise Detection

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Porsche Digital, a subsidiary of the German luxury sports car manufacturer, has built a new system powered by artificial intelligence for detecting noise. The new system is supposed to cancel the noise produced during vehicle component tests.  

Sounce, Porsche Digital’s new AI-powered digital assistant has been designed to improve the development of components in the automotive industry.   

This Saas has been developed by Porsche Digital along with the development department of Porsche AG. However, the responsibility for operating the technology lies in the hands of Porsche Digital.  

This AI-powered technology uses deep learning methods for detecting noise precisely especially during endurance tests. Moreover, it makes error documentation accurate which further simplifies the root cause analysis.   

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In fact, AI-based acoustics testing increases the quality and reduces the costs of many applications. And along with that, it allows development engineers to focus on other tasks and not be personally present throughout every test.   

Patricia Rennert, Head of Industry Solutions at Porsche Digital, said: “With Sounce, it is possible to reliably check the noise development of load-bearing components round the clock and under various conditions. This enables us to improve the opportunities for analysis in early component tests.”  

Mattias Ulbrich, CEO of Porsche Digital, said: “Developing technological industrial solutions is our core competence and therefore one of our main strategic approaches. Sounce impressively underlines the possibilities, which are offered in particular by our deep tech experts.”  

Porsche’s digital department is fully focused on scaling new digital business models and optimizing existing products. It designs and develops excellent industrial solutions.   

Besides, it also operates closely with Porsche AG’s technology division that evaluates future technologies such as AI, quantum computing, and blockchain within the Industry Solutions business. 

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