Periscope Shut Down After Six Years of Live Streaming  

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Periscope, the mobile live streaming service owned by Twitter, is finally shutting down because of sustainability issues.  

Periscope services played a major role in catapulting mobile live streaming. However, Twitter had announced, in December 2020, its decision to close the platform by March 2021.  

In December 2020, Twitter has stated that the “Periscope app is in an unsustainable maintenance-mode state” via the Periscope Medium blog.  

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Twitter cited the rising costs and declining usage has made it impossible to keep Periscope running. They further said that they wouldn’t be “doing right” by the Twitter community and the app itself by keeping it live in its present condition.  

In the future of live streaming, the company has reiterated its belief and mentioned that all “core capabilities of Periscope” have been brought into the Twitter app.  

The company was referring to a live broadcast feature that was added to Twitter in 2016. This feature greatly reduced the need for a dedicated live streaming app such as Periscope itself.  

The app has been deleted from both the App Store and Play store. Besides, the app is no more allowing users to create new accounts. The remaining apps are that are created on the Periscope website are now in a read-only archive state.  

Existing Periscope users can download archive data of their broadcasts from the Periscope website. Plus, old users can no longer link their Periscope account to Twitter.  

Until April 30, 2021, Super Broadcasters have to cash out their stars with regards to creators. Already existing users that are eligible for becoming a part of the Super Broadcaster program can no longer do so as are not accepting new applications.  

The company also explained that already existing Periscope followers won’t automatically be transferred to Twitter. You can find other necessary information regarding existing users on the Twitter Help Center 

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