Oculus Quest 2 Proves to Be Better VR Than Ever

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Accept it or no, but the Oculus Quest 2 is a great VR headset and it’s also probably the best standalone mixed reality device out there.    

When Facebook announced its new and improved Quest 2 model, it was music to our ears. In addition, the company said that it would come packing 128GB of storage (and the best part) for the same price as the existing version. This was made the handset better value for money and the easiest recommendation.  

Earlier this month, Facebook pulled sales of its Oculus Quest 2 headset following complaints of skin irritation from some users. Thereafter, the company revealed, in a blog post, that they would not only correct the issue but also discontinue the 64GB Quest 2 entirely.   

After that, they made it better by implementing a safer silicon cover and replaced it with a 128GB model.  

However, there is no doubt that the new headset was already under works at Facebook. And, there is certainly no knowing whether the recall affected any previous plans.   

Anyway, from August 24, users will be able to pick up the brand new 128GB Quest 2 for the familiar price of $299 / £299 / AU$479.   

In addition to the base model, the only other storage option was the 256GB variant, which will remain at $399 / £399 / AU$639.  

Even though we still don’t have expandable storage, a double amount of entry-level storage from the Quest 1 is a big deal.   

Most Quest titles currently take up around 3GB of storage which means gamers could store up to around 20 titles with the original 64GB model. Now, with the new model of the revised capacity of 128GB, it will essentially double that figure.   

But, it’s better to future-proof the Quest 2 for the inevitably larger VR games.  

The only way to get more internal storage is to delete existing titles from your hard drive whichever model you choose. This will be a fairly familiar trial for any long-time PS4 or Xbox One owners.   

Since the upcoming Quest 2 also lacks expandable storage, it gives prospective owners more room for the future. 

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