NuEyes Technologies Announces New Range of New Pro 3 AR Smart Glass

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NuEyes, a veteran-owned smart glass technology that is a pioneer in the field of low-vision technology, has announced the Pro 3, the next-gen AR smart glass solutions.   

The new range of AR Smart Glasses will address low vision and medical and training and learning need at enterprise and government level.   

These lightweight smart glasses will empower the workforce with guided workflows, remote assistance, step-by-step training, knowledge transfer, MRO Maintenance, 3D Data Visualization, Repair, and Operations from manufacturing, automotive, educational, warehouse logistics, government sectors to Telecom.  

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Mark Greget, CEO and Founder of NuEyes Technologies, said “This is an exciting pivot for NuEyes. Over the past four years, we have been approached by a multitude of medical, government, and enterprise customers asking for a smart glass solution to meet their needs. With our new multiyear exclusive manufacturing relationship with PFC, we now can deliver on those needs with the Pro 3 product line.”  

NuEyes Pro 3 product line delivers unparalleled clarity with an ultra-wide 51-degree field view and 4K displays. This solution weighs only 88g and is available in three versions. The first is tethered to a proprietary controller with forward-facing 20MP RGB and other cameras with 6DoF. Its SDK includes SLAM, speech, object, and gesture recognition.   

The second version of Pro 3-C has 5MP RGB camera along with a USB type C plug that renders video. In most Android phones, iPhones, and Microsoft’s Surface Book 2, Pro 3 C connects displays images in 2D and 3D. Pro 3’s third version is geared around Thermal Imaging for enterprises.   

NuEyes Pro 3 products will be available in stores from 18 December 2020 and shipping will start late in January. 


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