Nothing Has Released the Teases Design of their Wireless Earbuds   

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Nothing is the all-new tech company of OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei. The London-based company has very recently unveiled its Concept 1.   

The company has released a render officially that shows the kinds of design features that will be used in its upcoming wireless earbuds. The company has also said that its debut product is due for release this summer.  

Nothing has claimed that its shape takes inspiration from “a grandmother’s tobacco pipe”. The product was designed by Tom Howard who is also the company’s head of design and has served as vice head of design at Nothing’s partner Teenage Engineering.   

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However, Nothing isn’t actually planning to release and sell its Concept 1 which makes matters confusing. We are not even clear if their new product will exist as a physical device.   

Nothing says that their Concept 1 embodies all three elements that will drive their design philosophy: effortlessness, weightlessness, and timelessness.   

This poses a very obvious question: Why tease a design for earbuds that will be available in a few months?  

Well, the company says “these are the principles that have guided our product design over the past several months”  

Nothing says that there are clues in the teased about how its earbuds will look like. These include a lack of unnecessary branding and the use of transparent materials. They also meant to represent the company’s overall design and not just the specific product.   

“These are the principles that have guided our product design over the past several months,” says Nothing. “We look forward to showing you how this comes to life through our first products this summer.”  

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