New WhatsApp Security Features 2023: Protect, Prevent, and Procure

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Are you paranoid about the security and protection of your personal chats and messages? Does thinking about hackers upgrading themselves with modern tech freak you out constantly?

Meta recognizes your concerns. And, they’re finally doing something substantial about it! 

Now, WhatsApp already had security features like end-to-end encryption and a two-step verification process. 

But, users wanted an extra layer of protection to safeguard their chats. Now, chats will be as secure as whispering to your friend’s ears.

The latest WhatsApp security update comes with more exciting security features to strengthen the privacy of your chats. 

You can learn more about the detailed report on the WhatsApp website at: 

Account Protect – Verifying the Users While Switching Phones

The Account Protect feature enables an additional step when you want to switch devices and add your WA account to your new phone. 

The app will ask for verification to ensure that it is you, who wants to shift the account, and not anyone else. Ensuring the privacy of the user and preventing unauthorized account transfers. 

Device Verification – Protection From Harmful Malware

If your device or WhatsApp gets attacked by malware, it can send unwanted messages and use your phone without your permission. 

Device Verification uses advanced checks to authenticate your account automatically. 

This means you don’t need to take any kind of action to make this feature work.

Automatic Security Codes – Conveniently Securing Your Chats

Previously, users had to check the security code verification manually through the Encryption tab to ensure that they were talking to the correct recipient.

But, with this new feature, it will automatically verify the user’s authentication. This means, when you click the Encryption tab it will automatically make sure that your chats are secured.   

Wrapping up  

The main motive of META for bringing up more features to strengthen WhatsApp security, is to give users better protection and control over their messages and build trust among its customers.  

Be it protection from hackers or unauthorized access to your chats.  

Not only that but there is a rumor that in the coming days, WhatsApp is also aiming for some better features.  So, let’s wait and see what surprise META is planning for us next.   

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