New Oculus Quest Rolls Out an Experimental Feature that Allows You to Mark Your Couch Area  

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Now, the all-new Oculus Quest has expanded its feature in the headset’s Guardian mode. With this feature, you will be able to mark your real couch as an object it’ll show up in VR.   

The Guardian mode is basically an Oculus safety feature. This feature makes sure that you create a virtual boundary by drawing lines around you. This boundary then appears in VR whenever you get too close to the edges.  

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The new couch mode is the first time that the company has taken a little more than a simple measure of floor space.  

UploadVR reports say that you will be able to mark out your couch by touching one side and dragging a virtual blue rectangle across. Once done, you will see that it’ll appear as a 3D-modeled couch in the Home menu or as the same blue rectangle in the app or a game. This position will then be saved as part of the Guardian system.  

Other than that, the couch can act as an extension of your Guardian system. This is completely different than the obstacle that limits your space.   

Previously, Guardian only allowed you to draw boundaries in the front of your couch which then showed up as it was a solid wall. However, now if you move towards the edges, you will see the couch outside it of the Guardian.  

UploadVR reports say that you will now be able to simply sit down on it and get prompted to switch to Couch mode. This will let the game or app know that you’re sitting down.  

The feature is very new and has been listed as “experimental” in the Quest settings menu as part of software version 26. The features haven’t yet been rolled out to everyone.  


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