New Instagram Feature Alert! Now you can be authentic on IG anytime randomly. 

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Be Authentic with New Instagram Feature 

According to Meta, a anwesha is circling around. It is similar to BeReal, the social media app that has recently exploded in terms of popularity. However, the proclaimed “IG Candid” was discovered by leaker Alessandro Paluzzi. According to Paluzzi, this new Instagram feature prompts the users to share an authentic photo at a random time each day.   

Paluzzi posted a screenshot with Instagram’s description of how the feature could work.  The screenshot read: “Add other’s IG Candid to your story tray. And every day at a different time, get a notification to capture and share a Photo in 2 Minutes.” 

According to Meta, the company is testing the IG candid feature in a statement given to The Verge.  Meta spokesperson Christine Pai said, “This feature is an internal prototype, and not testing externally. That suggests there’s no definite timeline for when the feature might become available publicly if it even releases at all.” 

Is it Meta’s other attempt at cloning? 

Given how Meta and other social media giants have responded to other popular apps over the years, we can assume that Instagram will eventually release a response to BeReal if it continues to be popular. Also there is a perception it is very important to buy Instagram followers to get famous instantly on this platform. Moreover, when Snapchat’s stories feature became popular, IG launched a Stories feature of its own. In fact, IG Reels is obviously a response to the popularity of TikTok.  

To date, Meta is far from being the only tech giant to launch a clone or two. YouTube Shorts is another transparent attempt to cash in on the popularity of vertically shot short-form videos, and Twitter was quick to roll out Spaces in response to the popularity of Clubhouse. 

It’s not the first time Meta has been accused of imitating BeReal. Around the time BeReal was gaining popularity, it widely rolled out a new feature called Dual, which allows you to take photos or videos with both your phone’s front and rear cameras at the same time. People were quick to point out the BeReal similarities, but Dual differs in that it allows you to capture the content whenever you want, rather than waiting for a daily notification. However, one former Instagram product designer claims that the Dual feature had been in development for several years and that its release around the time of BeReal’s meteoric rise was simply “convenient.” 

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