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Innovative MobileMind Guided In-App Learning Technology Gets US Patent

US-based EdTech Solutions Company has secured a patent for its learning innovation,  the MobileMind Guided In-App Learning Technology. According to a press release published on EINPresswire, the patent represents notable advancement in learning technology.

This patent recognizes our innovative approach to education technology, making learning more intuitive and effective,” MobileMind CEO and Founder, Tyce Miller said.

As a private EdTech company, MobileMind is a professional learning hub that provides simple, convenient, and personalized professional learning for schools. The company serves as a Microsoft and Google professional development partner offering cloud-based learning platforms. It’s designed to give teachers and other professional staff personalized growth that improves learning and teaching.

Shift in Learning Approach

The MobileMind guided in-app learning technology patent changes the way learners interact with learning materials. With this technology, users can access hands-on challenges and step-by-step instructions from the same window. By doing so, it eliminates the need to move back and forth across different applications.

The MobileMind application patent technology provides learners with hands-on learning experiences through seamless integration with current tech platforms including Microsoft and Google for Education tools.

We are dedicated to enhancing the professional learning experience. Our Guided Learning technology is a testament to this commitment. It meets learners where they are, providing the support and resources they need directly within their existing workflows,” Miller added.

Innovative Features 

The MobileMind guided in-app learning technology patent offers users a range of critical features. It differentiates learning experiences for users based on skill levels and roles. This aspect allows teachers to personalize their learning.

The innovation provides hands-on challenges through which users take on relevant activities to demonstrate their proficiency in Google skills. Its ready-to-go micro-courses provide users with a clear learning path.

Additionally, the MobileMind application integrates gamification into the learning process. Users earn badges to showcase their progress and skills as they move from the beginner to the advanced level. Using the reporting features, leaders can track the progress their learners make by monitoring their learning paths, badges, micro-courses, and checking compliance reports.

Setting New EdTech Standards 

The patented learning technology aligns well with MobileMind’s mission of empowering learners and educators and fostering practical skill application and learning. By making learning processes interactive and simple, the company is slowly setting new standards in EdTech.

MobileMind guided in-app learning technology is the only platform that facilitates broad consolidation of professional development initiatives for districts. These initiatives include curriculum, technology, and compliance. Currently, the company delivers activity-based learning, digital badging, reporting, and personalized courses to K-12 school districts.

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