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AI-Solution Wins Magic EdTech Power Learner Award for Education Firm

Last week, a leading New York-based EdTech company won the 1EdTech Power Learner Award. PRNews reported that Magic EdTech got the accolade during this year’s 1EdTech Annual Learning Impact Conference. The event was held in Salt Lake City. The Magic EdTech Power Learner Award demonstrates the company’s commitment to making learning accessible to everyone.

Magic EdTech owns a digital learning platform, MagicBox. The platform won the ‘Publishing Software of the Year’ title. MagicBox got the award during this year’s EdTech Breakthrough Awards 2024. The learning platform has a user base of more than 7 million teachers, learners, and publishers.

Innovation at Its Best

The 1EdTech Power Learner Award recognizes solutions that empower learners and teachers. EdTech innovations that personalize interactions have a high chance of winning the award. Such innovations also offer users options and lifetime learning opportunities.

Magic EdTech won the award for its pioneering AI-powered learning solution. The solution customizes learning to suit the needs of individual users. This has improved digital access and equity for learners across the world.

“Magic is a dedicated partner to 1EdTech, and we are committed to engineering technology that enhances learning efficacy. This award recognizes the difference our offerings make to the learning community,” Magic EdTech CEO, Acky Kamdar said.

Magic Edtech prioritizes accessibility, ethical AI, and data security. By doing so, the company creates a safe and inclusive space for learners of all ages. The company also delivers insights and actionable data to users. Students who use the platform find these insights invaluable in boosting success.

Trusted Platform

Magic EdTech has established itself as the go-to company for EdTech solutions. The MagicBox EdTech Power Learner Award demonstrates the company’s creativity and prominence in the EdTech sector.

MagicBox Chief Strategy Officer, Satadeep Mitra said, “This award underscores our commitment to providing innovative and effective digital learning solutions that empower publishers and educational organizations. We are dedicated to continuing our mission of transforming education through technology.”

The award is also a testament to Magic EdTech’s impact on digital learning.

“By integrating AI-powered tools, we are able to offer advanced capabilities for content creation, distribution, and management, ensuring that our platform meets the evolving needs of the education landscape,” Mitra added.

Google Cloud Partnership

The Magic EdTech Power Learner Award also recognized the company’s commitment to collaborative innovation. In April this year, Magic EdTech commenced a strategic partnership with Google Cloud. This was the first step towards delivering AI-first solutions to its clients.

The purpose of the partnership was to drive AI-powered growth for Magic EdTech. It leverages Magic EdTech’s expertise and Google Cloud infrastructure to transform digital learning.

It also combines Cloud Services and Magic AI to give MagicBox users access to the Google Cloud infrastructure. This access allows them to optimize and personalize digital learning content. Publishers, teachers, and students use AI-powered solutions to overcome operational challenges.

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