Jobvite New AI Innovation Lab Promises Recruitment Insights to Help Recruitment Process

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Jobvite, the leading talent acquisition suite, announces that they will be launching the new AI Innovation Lab. Through this, they will be empowering talent acquisition leaders to better understand and improve recruitment data and simultaneously improve recruiting results.

Jobvite’s AI Innovation Lab is comprised of Jobvite’s experienced data science team. They will develop new product capabilities to deliver innovative analysis. This information will help companies achieve better insights and improve business outcomes.

The team explores client data sources and assists them in health and informs the strategy. Through this service, they will leverage data science, predictive analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. This will help businesses for improved talent acquisition efficacy, reduce conscious and unconscious bias, develop the quality talent pool, optimize processes, and eliminate redundant costs.

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CEO of Jobvite said Aman Brar “Within every organization’s recruitment data, actionable insights are waiting to be uncovered.” He added “However, most talent acquisition teams don’t have the benefit of a data scientist who can study their data to identify opportunities for improving recruiting outcomes. Jobvite’s AI Innovation Lab offers customers the benefit of an entire center of excellence that can leverage data from thousands of companies and hundreds of millions of candidates to deliver deeper insights, benchmarks, and best practices.”

Also, Jobvite’s AI Innovation Lab will benefit customers by delivering AI-driven capabilities such as candidate matching and candidate engagement. The talent acquisition teams can:

  • Identify urgent hiring
  • Know top skills for roles
  • Measure candidate engagement
  • Reduce candidate acquisition costs
  • Eliminate biases
  • Spot bottlenecks
  • Recommend employees positions that support career growth

Brar said, “Following in the footsteps of finance, marketing, and sales who regularly use data to drive strategy, HR teams are sitting on a treasure trove of untapped data that can reveal opportunities for improving their talent acquisition results.

Further saying “Forward-thinking TA and HR leaders are scaling up their tech stack, and in some cases, bringing on professional data scientists to distill complex hiring data into actionable insights that will help them outperform competitive employers and hire the best talent.”

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